“Tonight is the biggest night of Paul’s teen-life; he’s playing the Battle of the Bands in front of the girl of his dreams. But when Paul's lead singer drops out last minute, he either has to face his fear and sing in front of a crowd, or drop out of the competition.”



From director Nicolas J Capra, Paul is a coming-of-age film about music, friends, disappointment, love, heartbreak, and doing things that scare you. 

"The story was inspired by many moments and characters from my childhood, and of course playing in the Battle of the Bands. As a musician and a filmmaker, this was a passion project for me. Being able to write music to my own script was something I don't always get to do. This film is for the people who know the power of music, or the people who want to learn."

Photo by Tyler Crosby

Photo by Tyler Crosby